Guest blogger – Connor Swagler

So I have been tied up with end of the school year mayhem and the graduation of our youngest son. noah.jpg

Needless to say the blog has sat idle for a few weeks.  I have been gathering ideas for a new post (which I am currently writing but is not quite ready to be posted just yet.


I decided to ask a few talented young people to be guest bloggers. I am so thrilled to share their thoughts and their words with you. Watch for them in upcoming blog posts over the next few months.

Today I would like to introduce Connor Swagler. He is a Communications major at Misericordia University and my son Jacob’s roommate.  I have known Connor for much of his life and he is a smart, creative, thoughtful young man. He has a giant heart and a wonderful, quirky way of approaching life.  I am so happy he agreed to share his poetry here.  So, without further ado, may I present Connor Swagler!!



My best friend Jacob and I once had a conversation about relationships, because I had gotten turned down by a lady with the response, “I don’t have time to date anyone now.” He told me about a conversation he had with his grandfather. His grandfather mentioned to him how he couldn’t understand how someone could live their life and say things like, “I don’t have time to find someone to spend my life with.” What he wanted Jacob to take from the conversation was, that there really isn’t a point to preparing a life for yourself in the future if you don’t have someone to share it with. That really hit deep in me and I loved what he had said. After the passing of his grandfather the idea suddenly hit me, to take that concept and work it into a piece, from my experiences and his grandfather’s lesson on life.

This piece I sent into my college’s poetry publication, “Instress” and it was printed to my delight, however I never got to give Jacobs grandfather the proper credit for the inspiration to even conceptualize the piece.

Thank you Grandpa Schweiger! You are dearly missed…


For: A Busy Woman


Connor Swagler


It’s not that I’m tired of being alone,

It’s just that with me you have a home,

I know you’ve never had a place to call your own,

And I know that you’ve gotten comfortable with the rhythm that you now roam,

Why secure a future just to be by yourself?

Sure you haven’t found anybody else,

But you’re twenty there are plenty of things you haven’t done as well,

Plenty of time left to do it all in case you couldn’t tell,

To be honest I don’t know all that much,

But there is something about you that really makes me blush,

From how you’re always in a rush,

To that face you make when I drive you nuts,

Never giving up because you don’t fall for easy stuff,

Last to raise your fist but not afraid to hit,

Never say the word maybe,

Only yes or no that’s it,

I love how when you speak it’s always consistent,

Like with letting the word shit slip,

You always reach out to catch it as if it’s in view,

I’m not exactly sure if I’m getting through to you,

About how cool I think it would be to carry your books around school,

So could we spend a little time together just us two?



I usually write poems about specific people that have entered my life and work off of my emotions and general creative flow. However with this piece the creative flow took over and changed the inspiration. I started writing this about a specific lady from my past, but when I started to write, it turned more into a connection I’ve felt towards the important lady partners of my past that showed me how to feel , or that it’s not strange as a human to “Feel on a Thousand”, and that I should work with it. So then I thought how many ways can I love somebody? The idea to throw the numbers into the work just felt right to me, because let’s be honest you can’t list all the ways you like someone, you just feel it.

So this is my attempt at expressing the ways I have loved. I couldn’t think of a title for this piece, so I made it untitled with the number of where it falls with the rest of my untitled pieces and it just so happened to be my tenth and I ended on ten, which made the whole piece really feel right to me.


Untitled 10


Connor Swagler


I just can’t get her out of my head,

I don’t think she’ll ever find her way into my bed,

Not that that’s your place,

If I ever put you in your place that place would be my heart,

I can’t really explain it but I’ll give it a shot,

Where should I start?

How about with one?

You’re the one person I want to be with,

Us two could be good for each other,

There have been three times I tried to tell you this,

But fourth times the charm?

Hopefully the fifth time will end with a kiss,

You give me enough strength to take down six men,

And then there comes the seven days in a week,

That you make me weak,

Which takes me down to my knees,

The eight continents of Earth couldn’t hold my affection for you,

I added one more because there just wasn’t enough room,

Ninth grade was when I met you,

Here’s to another ten years because just these won’t do,

So I plan to make a million more moments with you.



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