33 Things

33 Things I want my children to know as they navigate through life(in no particular order):


  1. If you don’t like your situation, CHANGE IT.
  2. Make it your goal to be healthy… not society’s current idea of body perfection.
  3. Don’t look to a man/woman or to me or to any other human to give you a sense of worth. Find your sense of worth within you.
  4. Try new things as often as possible, even if you’re scared.
  5. Be humble but confident.
  6. Never apologize or give excuses for saying NO. Just say it and own it.
  7. Always cheer for the underdog
  8. Trust your gut…it is trying to tell you things. Listen.
  9. Go be you, we will love you whether you are two feet , or 20,000 miles away.
  10. If you choose a man/woman, choose one who treats the people in their life well, who works hard, who is not afraid to show emotions, who makes you laugh, who supports you and finds your ‘crazy’ endearing.
  11. Don’t worry about being popular, just be you
  12. Know that you are always loved and thus never alone.
  13. Believe in yourself, no matter what.
  14. Never settle.
  15. Take care of yourself, physically, spiritually and emotionally.
  16. Choose your friends wisely, you may be judged by their actions.
  17. Save for a rainy day
  18. Never, ever stop learning new things
  19. Find something to be passionate about
  20. Find something you find calming and relaxing
  21. Keep your word…so be sure before you give it
  22. Say what you mean and mean what you say
  23. Positivity always pays off.
  24. Nothing is as bad as it seems. Nothing.
  25. You are capable of handling far more than you think.
  26. The right thing and the easy thing are rarely the same thing.
  27. You can’t love another fully until you love yourself
  28. Own and embrace your imperfections, then they cannot be used against you.
  29. Change is necessary.
  30. Worry is the biggest enemy of the present moment.
  31. In almost every case, nothing is stopping you… nothing is holding you back but your own thoughts about yourself – your perception of the way life is.
  32. The more you give, the more you get.
  33. You are responsible for your own life.


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