Why Prayer?

prayerquotes.gifWe know that Jesus teaches us it is necessary to ask before we receive, seek before we find, knock before the door will be opened.  Basically, God wants us to pray.

Let me tell you what I know about prayer….

Prayer is simply a conversation with God. It’s asking Him to meet your need or someone else’s. It’s praising Him and thanking Him. Prayer doesn’t have to be long, loud, or eloquent. It does not require you to be on your knees or have your hands folded or head bowed. There is no required method of prayer. It is simply spending time with God. Prayer is talking to Him sincerely and honestly.  This is your time with God, yours alone. Prayer, in its purest form is communication with God.  Prayer can come from a joyous, repentant, forlorn, downtrodden, anxious, forgiving, or broken heart. It can be a simple thought, a spoken free form or traditional prayer, a song, or a question.

When we pray, we open the door for God to come into our problems and situations and work on them.

Prayer unleashes within us a deeper communion with God. It strengthens and enriches our faith in Him and that in turn helps motivate us to live our lives in service to Him and others.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you must pray in a particular way. Your relationship with God is between you and Him.  Communicate with and praise Him in any way that brings you closer to Him.pray.jpg

With all of that being said, prayer is something that I continue to work on in my own life. I fully understand and appreciate the significance and importance of prayer in my life. Yet I often struggle with it. I struggle with opening up my heart and my mind and letting my feelings and thoughts flow freely.  I struggle to quiet my thoughts and listen to God’s voice.   I am always working on improving my relationship with God.  I talk to Him often, but for me not often enough.  I get angry at myself when I begin to pray in earnest, but then my mind wanders and life creeps in.  I feel bad that my attention drifted from such an important conversation.  I want to have easy, familiar conversation with God.  He is my Holy Father after all!  I am always, always working on this.  Practice makes perfect.

I feel guilt too.  I know that God isn’t a wish-granting genie, yet I often feel that I beseech Him to intercede way too often. I know that He is okay with this. I know He knows my heart and my intentions. But still….

I will always strive to make prayer a regular and consistent part of my daily life. I will always try to improve my prayer life and my relationship with God.


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