PC is not for me

America is a country that prides it’s self on its freedoms. Yet in today’s climate of hypersensitivity and political correctness we are eroding away at that basic right.  While I may or may not agree with what you have to say, I do agree that you have the right to say it.  Political correctness is also making people afraid to speak up, afraid to say what they really think and feel.  You can say what you want, that is your right, but I have the right to walk away, disagree or lawfully protest.  I do not have the right to cause you physical harm, cause vandalism, prevent you from speaking, or in any other way break our laws.quote-i-disapprove-of-what-you-say-but-will-defend-to-the-death-your-right-to-say-it-voltaire-334856.jpg

People need to just stop. Stop looking for reasons to be insulted. Stop looking for intentions that may or may not even be there. Stop being overly sensitive and overly hostile to those who think or speak differently than they do. The term ‘micro-aggression’ makes me crazy. When you use that word you are putting your perceived slight or insult on someone else who has no idea what you are talking about.

Can words hurt? Yes! Of course.  I am by no means saying you should accept someone verbal or emotionally abusing you.  We should, however, try and take into account the intent behind the words.  Think about who is saying it and why.  Age, sex, upbringing as well as regional and cultural differences can significantly alter a person’s choice of words and the intent and meaning of those words.

I also think that part of being a part of a nation known as the “melting pot” means that we all need to just calm down.  We need to be accepting of others and that includes being accepting of thoughts, words and opinions that we don’t agree with or that we find insulting.   I love the term “melting pot” because it is so apt.  All of the different ingredients in a melting pot combine their various flavors (yet maintain some of what makes them unique) to create something amazing, new and better.

Banning words and condemning freedom of speech and expression is a slippery slope. Who decides what is or is not permissible? Barzun-political-correctness.jpg Hilter burned books he thought were unacceptable…was he right?  No?  What makes it any different?

Perhaps we should filter our thoughts and words through a filter of kindness?  Perhaps that would take care of a lot of these problems?

One thought on “PC is not for me

  1. Well, we both know where I firmly stand of this subject. I find it amazing that it is usually the ones who feel they have never been “heard” who shout loudest to bury the words of others who are trying to get their own thoughts, feelings and issues recognized. Suddenly, the fact that one set of folks has finally been granted a “voice” makes them completely intolerant of everyone else except those in agreement with them. Offense perceived is rampant in our land and we tiptoe around issues because no one seems capable of good, honest and cordial debate. I might honestly have my opinion swayed or changed by a tolerant and capable speaker but when someone begins to shout me down and call me names for my opinion I only dig in my heels. Basically, if you want the right to be free to be YOU, you must grant that same right to ME. Great post!! I love seeing you put feet to your thoughts!


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