Reason 1,936,242


It is totally normal to brag about your children isn’t it? I mean all parents do whether the kids deserve it or not. The new age ‘participation trophy’ mentality that is plaguing parents now-a-days takes parental bragging rights to a whole new level.

I will say though, sometimes you do look at your progeny and smile. Damn, they really turned into fine human beings that contribute to society. At least that is our hope, right?   As a parent of grown adult ‘children’ there are a lot of new things to learn. Such as, you can give advice to your adult offspring but they do not have to take it. Or perhaps, that it is often better to let them come to you with a question or problem then for you to offer answers without being asked.  Or even discovering they know more about a subject than you do and you can go to them with a question.

It is also when you find out, in a sense, how you did with the whole parenting thing. Did your children turn into kind, smart, well rounded, well adjusted, compassionate individuals?  Do they help others and try to make the world a better place?

mrk-on-individuality What I wanted to talk about in this post though is reason number 1,936,242 of why I am particularly proud of my children.


I am the mother to four grown children.  I am extremely proud of the people that they have become. They are all very different in many ways.  I think that is fantastic.  As parents we encouraged them to ask questions, read, investigate, and imagine. In fact “look it up” or “google it” is a mantra in our home.  If my husband or I do not know the answer to what they want to know we look it up together, and we both learn something new.

I love that they think for themselves, debate their opinions and beliefs, and know that even if we disagree with them -we support them. We did not want clones of ourselves (though that would be easier sometimes!).  We wanted them to think their own thoughts, follow their own interests, to dream their own dreams and not to be afraid of new things.  To think outside the box. To be thinkers AND doers. Our children all have very distinct opinions on social issues, politics, education, law, ethics, and so on.  It is very satisfying to hear them have intelligent, informed discussions about worldly matters as well as trivial ones.  I am in awe sometimes.  How could these people debating so well in the other room be my babies?  When did this happen? Recently someone pointed out to me that all four of them chose careers that help people in some way.  Wow.  They did.

I am happy to say, that these young adults really are prepared to go forth and make a difference. As a matter of fact, they already have.

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